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Cordless Kettle Insert Pull Tester

Product description:

Product Name:
Cordless Kettle Insert Pull Tester
Model No:
Price Terms:
Ex-work , FOB, CIF
IEC60335-2-15 clause 22.103,
Payment Method:
T/T, D/P, Paypal
1 PC
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In 25 days
In Plywood Carton

Cordless Kettle Insert Pull Tester 


Product details: Model ZLT-SW1

To use for the insert-pull test of cordless kettle and foundation, in accordance with IEC60335-2-15 clause 22.103,

the appliance coupler of cordless kettles shall be constructed to withstand the stresses occurring during normal use.
The two live pins of the kettle are connected together and an external resistive load is connected in series with the supply. 
The kettle is placed on its stand and withdrawn 10000 times at a rate of approximately 10 times per minute. The test is continued for a further 10000 times without current flowing.


Technical Parameter:


●Power Supply: AC220V50Hz, other voltages on request,
●Insert-pull Distance:60~100mm,
●Test Current Putput:0,2~25A, test voltage<12 V
●Testing Frequency: 5~15 times/min
●Test Times:1~999999, 1 electronic predetermining pulse counter, 6-digit, to indicate the number of cycles and to disconnect the machine when reaching the preselected number of cycles.