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Electronic Instrument Market Technology Trends

With the rising popularity E-commerce and smart electronic product, electronic test equipment as important testing tools, also given some new functions and requirements on the performance and application.

From the perspective of technology and marketing, the development trend of electrical test instruments in the future will be all kinds of high technology comprehensive, full service in various industries and national economic market, specific should focus on the following aspects:

1.The prevalence rate of digital electronic measuring instrument, must improve. The digital age has come, the digital age is the latest sign of modern social life and the economy, relationship between the core competence in the field of science and technology of a country, if this value is not enough, electronic measuring instrument will lose leading position in technology, also will lose the market.

2. Bus technology must be tracked to international development level. VXI、PXI、LXI、USB connector, Bus technology in the field of electronic measurement instruments has developed to a very high Level abroad. At present, there are three trends in the development of test and measurement industry: Above all, there will have a system in place of hardware, namely modular products, can quickly build a system. The second, there has been based on standard of Compatible with PC input/output interface, and input and output driver, can be based on local area network (LAN), can also be based on the Internet. Finally, there has been flexible Software solutions, no matter what the customer needs is Excel or text interface, can offer flexible choice to clients.

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