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How to make the choice of different impact test apparatus

According to IEC60068-2-75, there are three methods of impact test provided, which include IK Pendulum Impact Tester , vertical hammer, spring hammer and are intended to give similar result. To obtain repeatable and reproducible results, this test is more dependent on the details of impact test apparatus than is usual in IEC60068-2-75 standards.
The choice of the test apparatus depends on the orientation of the surface to be tested and on the energy level. Not all methods can be used in every case. It is self evident that a IK Pendulum Impact Tester can only be used on vertical surface without overhanging. Similarly the vertical hammer can normally only be used on accessible horizontal surfaces. When the specimen cannot be moved or turned, for any reason, the choice is limited. The advantage of the spring hammer is that it can be used in any position, providing there is enough room to apply it correctly, but that the impact energy does not exceed specified maximum limiting.
The IK Pendulum Impact Tester ZLT-BC3, vertical hammer ZLT-SZ1 and spring impact hammer ZLT-CJ manufactured by our company are complying with IEC60068-2-75 standards.