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Needle flame test for hand held motor operated electric tools

Based on IEC 60745 Annex F, the needle flame test chamber is used in accordence with IEC 60695-11-5.
In case where burning or glowing particles might fall form the specimen onto an external surface underneath the tool, the test is made with a pieces of white pine-wood board, approximately 10mm thick, and covered with a single layer of tissue paper, positioned at a distance of 200 mm ±5mm below the place where the test flame is applied to the specimen, If the tool as a whole is tested, it is placed in its normal position of use above the pine-wood board, which is covered with a single layer of tissue paper,
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Evaluation of test results: 
When a layer of tissue paper is used, there shall be no ignition of the tissue paper, or scorching of white pine-wood board; a slight discoloration of the white pine-wood board being neglected  10 pcs tissue paper and 1 pc pine-wood board are provided along with the needle flame test chamber ZLT-ZY2 manufactured by Zhilitong Electromechanical Co., Ltd.