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Spring Hammer Calibration Device

Product description:

Product Name:
Spring Hammer Calibration Device
Model No:
Price Terms:
Ex-work , FOB, CIP
IEC60068-2-75/1997-08 Annex B, Figure B.1 to B.4
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1 PC
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In 25 Days
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Spring Hammer Calibration Device 



Model ZLT-CD:


For testing and calibrating spring operated impact hammer, in accordance with IEC60068-2-75/1997-08 Annex B, Figure B.1 to B.4 with scale for impact energies from 0,2J to 1,2J.
The principle of this calibration procedure is to compare the energy provided by a spring hammer, which is difficult to measure directly, to the energy of a pendulum, calculated from its mass and height of fall.
Standard Outfit:
1 Pendulum with rigidly clamped spring at the lower end,
1 frame with bearing for the pendulum,
1 scale plate with drag pointer, scale of anodized aluminum,
2 release bases at the frame,
1 base plate with removable release device.
Impact energy: Max. 2J. 
Pendulum: Steel. 
Diameter pendulum: 20mm. 
Length pendulum 635mm ± 2.5mm. 
Pendulum H : 120mm ± 2mm. 
Pendulum D: 20mm ± 0.5mm. 
Pendulum W: 4mm ± 0.01mm. 

Release device: Ac. Mechanic.