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The home appliance industry is highly

The home appliance industry is highly competitive and characterized by an increased usage of electronic applications. The major drivers for this trend includes technology advancement, consumer desire for improved life style and the manufacturers′desire to boost market share growth by adding attractive features for product differentiation.

Household appliances are part of our daily lives and consumers need to trust that these appliances are safe, they expect high performance and durability and the products should be pleasing to the eye and fit into a home environment.

When launching a new product, you need regulatory approvals for the specific market, country or region, so the products need to test with the testing equipment that pass the certification requirements.

Zhilitong offers the testing equipment for home appliance, enclosures, power cords, plugs, sockets, and other electrical and electronic items, accordance with IEC60335, IEC60884, IEC60529, IEC60695, IEC60598, EN, UL, VDE, CSA, etc.