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UL1581 Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber

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UL1581 Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber
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UL1581 2001(1060 FT1,1061,1080VW 1,1090,1100FT2)
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UL1581 Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber


Product details:Model ZLT-HV4: 


The ZLT Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber Tester is a fully automatic instrument contained in its own cabinet to maximize the safety of the operator. the device complies with UL1581 2001(1060 FT1,1061,1080VW 1,1090,1100FT2) standards related requirements designed. Applicable to the single wire and cable, and soft line horizontal (FT1), vertical (VW1) combustion test. Burning time and burning the number of adjustable, can be automatic / manual, vertical / horizontal switching, gas pressure, flow adjustable and equipped with flame temperature recognition device.

Flame standard ANSI/ASTM D 5207 & UL 1581
Burner Tube ANSI/ASTM D 5025
Burning Angle 0°,20°
Thermocouple Type K (Ni/Cr - Ni/Al),200°~1050°
Thermocouple Size O/D Φ0.5mm,type K
Temperature Resolution 1ºC
Standard Copper Block weight:10 ± 0 .05 g before drilling. Cu-ETP

Time for Temperature to Increase

A:405 ±10mL/min& 45±5 mm water
A:965 ±30mL/min&125±25 mm water
B:385 ±15mL/min&552±100 mm water 
C:300 ±10mL/ min&600±125 mm water 
Gas Supply(do not provide) methane,min.98% purity
Input Power 220 V 50 Hz 3A or 115 V 60HZ Optional
Volume Of Chamber >4m³, black interior
Outer Dimensions W*D*H=2000mm*1000mm*2000mm
Conform to standard UL1581:1060/1061/1080/1090/1100
Includes: Flame height gauge and 100% absorbent cotton