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What is verification of the temperature measuring system of The Glow-wire Tester?

According to IEC60695-2-10:2013, a one-point verification of the temperature of the glow-wire can be performed using a foil of silver with a purity of at least 99,8%,approximately 2 mm2 and 0,06 mm thick, placed upon the upper surface of the tip of the glow-wire. The glow-wire is heated at a suitably slow heating rete, and, when the foil starts to melt, the thermometer shall indicate 960℃±10℃.

The glow-wire, while still hot, shall be cleared of all traces of silver immediately after this verification process to reduce the probability of alloying. In case of dispute, this verification method using a silver foil shall be used.

siler foil.jpg