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aggregate impact value test

Needle Flame Tester conform to IEC60695-11-5, IEC60335-1, IEC60598-1, IEC60884, IEC60745,aggregate impact value test

  • Hazardous Moving Parts Probe

    Hazardous Moving Parts ProbeMore >

    For testing accessibility to hazardous moving parts such as access to fan blades through a fan finger guard. Complies with UL1310 figure 16.4 (S3252) and UL1863 figure 8.1 Standards. Handle is nylon, tip is stainless steel.

  • Test Sphere Φ50 mm without Handle

    Test Sphere Φ50 mm without HandleMore >

    To determine the mechanical strength of electric irons by repeated drop onto a steel plate according to IEC60335-2-3 clause 21.101.