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How to test household appliance using test probe B?

According to IEC 60335-1 , the requirement of 8.1 applies for all positions of the appliance when it is operated as in normal use, and after the removal of detachable parts.

Test probe B of IEC 61032 is applied with a force not exceeding 1 N, the appliance being in every possible position except that appliances normally used on the floor and having a mass exceeding 40 kg are not tilted. Through openings, the test probe is applied to any depth that the probe will permit and is rotated or angled before, during and after insertion to any position. If the opening does not allow the entry of the probe, the force on the probe in the straight position is increased to 20 N. If the probe then enters the opening, the test is repeated with the probe in the angled position.

It shall not be possible to touch live parts or live parts protected only by lacquer, enamel, ordinary paper, cotton, oxide film, beads, or sealing compound except self-hardening resins, with the probe.

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