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CE Certificate for Tracking Index Tester

Dear All

Our some test equipment listed as below has been tested and found in conformity with the European directives EMC 2014/30/EU and LVD 2014/35/EU:

1. Tracking Tester ZLT-LDQ1
2. Power Cord Flexibility Tester ZLT-JDW1R
3. Power Cord Strain and Twist Tester ZLT-LN1
4. Needle Flame Test Chamber ZLT-ZY2
5. Horizontal Vertical Flame Tester ZLT-HV50
6. Glow Wire Tester ZLT-GTR
7. Covering Scratch Test Machine ZLT-GC1
8. Inclined Plane Device ZLT-WD3D
The CE mark can been used and CE certificate is provided for Tracking Index Tester ZLT-LDQ1 manufactured by Zhilitong Electromechanical Co., Ltd.