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Common Issue and Maintenance for Needle Flame Test Chamber


Can not ignite the gas

1. No gas in the cylinders

2. Damage of the solenoid valve controlling the gas circuit.

3. Gas nozzle is blocked.

4. Gas switch is not in "ON" position.

1. Replace the cylinder.

2. Replace magnetic valve

3. Replace the needle.

4. Adjust the gas switch devices.

The thermometer can display the temperature, but can not heat up normally.

1Thermoelectric couple damage.

2The thermoelectric couple type is inconsistent with the sensor set in the thermometer.

3Thermoelectric couple range of application is not set.


1. Replace the thermocouple

2. Set the type of the thermoelectric meter internal temperature sensor to this thermocouple type referring to the manual, it can return to normal.

3. Reset the temperature-controlled meter parameters

Vehicle can not stop automatically, no brakes

1. Sensor switch is damaged, and cannot work.

2. Limit switch is damaged.

1. Replace the sensor switch.

2. Replace the limit switch.


Needle Flame Test Chamber ZLT-ZY2 produced by ZHILITONG Electromechanical Co.Ltd, conform to requirements of IEC 60695-11-5.