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Glow Wire Tester ZLT-GTR

Product description:

Product Name:
Glow Wire Tester ZLT-GTR
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Price Terms:
IEC60695-2-10(2013),IEC60335-1.IEC60598-1,IEC60884,IEC 60745
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By T/T before shipment
Plywood Case

The glow wire test apparatus device is designed to carry out fire hazard testing on electrotechnical products in accordance with the provisions of International standards. The control unit is supplied with all the controls and metering necessary to accurately set the temperature of the glow wire.The wire current is continuously variable by means of the panel-mounted controller and is monitored by the built-in ammeter. A digital temperature indicator is fitted which, in conjunction with the thermocouple supplied, accurately measures the glow wire temperature. The electrical circuit of the control unit is fully protected by fuses and a miniature circuit breaker and incorporates mains on/off switching and push button control of the output current. Self contained cabinet with large viewing window and dark colored interior.


Glow Wire Element Ni/Cr wire, diameter: 4mm
Temperature Range 50ºC – 960ºC
Current Range 0 to 200 A
Thermocouple Type K (Ni/Cr - Ni/Al)
Thermocouple Size O/D 1.0 mm
Temperature Resolution 1ºC
Traverse Unit Horizontal
Force 1 N±0.2N
Maximum Travel 14.5 cms
Test Travel Limit 7 mm
Flame Height Indicator 30 cms
Input Power 220 V 50 Hz 3A or 115 V 60Hz Optional
Volume Of Chamber >0.5m³, black interior
Outer Dimensions W*D*H=1100mm*550mm*1100mm
Conform to standard IEC60695-2-10(2013), IEC60335-1, IEC60598-1,IEC60884,
Fitted to the base plate are a flame height scale, a level and adjustable feet
Digital Temperature Display


white Pine Test Board and five Sheets of Tissue Paper

Glow Wire Loop

Thermocouple Type K

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Place of origin: Guangzhou ,China

OEM: Yes

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