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How to do flame calibration for Needle Flame Test Chamber

1. Adjust the temperature measurement copper block to a position 6mm above the combustion tube, then remove the copper block.
2. Regulate the gas switch to “ON” position, press the “GAS SWITCH ON” button to ignite the flame.
3. Rotate the GAS FLOW RATE REGULATION; adjust the flame height to 12 ± 1mm through the gas flow regulation.

 Press the “TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT”, move the temperature measurement copper block to the position right above the combustion tube.
1. Timing will start as the temperature reaches 100C, and stop at the temperature of 700℃. The standard requires that the test time at this time should be 23.5 s ± 1.0 s.
2. The value shown by the timer when holding combustion is the temperature rise time.
3. Adjust the gas switch to “OFF”.
4. Calibrate the flame for three times, the continuous calibration should be carried out after the copper block cooling to below 50 C naturally..
5. If the results of three tests are within 23.5 s ± 1.0 s, then the flame is confirmed.

Needle Flame Test Chamber ZLT-ZY2 produced by ZHILITONG Electromechanical Co.Ltd, conform to requirements of IEC 60695-11-5.