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impact resistance test

Conforms to impact resistance test IEC61032 Test probe13, UL1741 figure 9.2, IEC 60950 figure 2C,EN, UL and CSA Standards.

  • 4.0mm Test Pin

    4.0mm Test PinMore >

    Φ4 mm, 100 mm long. Used to verify the protection against access to hazardous parts through top openings. Meets IEC, EN, UL and CSA Standards ,including IEC 61010,IEC60065 clause 9.1.3, EN61010-1, UL3101-1, and CSA 1010-1. The handle and stop face are made of nylon and the rod is made of hardened steel.

  • Scratching Pin Probe

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    Model: ZLT-P03

    Conform to the IEC60335-2 -24 Figure102. Made entirely of hardened steel.

  • Test Sphere Φ75mm without Handle

    Test Sphere Φ75mm without HandleMore >

    Diameter: 75mm , Conform to the IEC60335 2 24 clause21.102.Sphere is hardened steel .

    Without handle, model: ZLT-P02

    With Handle, model: ZLT-P02A