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impact test equipment

According to impact test equipment figure 2K and clause,IEC60335-1 clause 21.2.

  • Flat Probe

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    Model ZLT-P06:


    0.5 mm thick and 8 mm wide, with a rounded tip having a radius of 4 mm. It shall not be possible to touch live parts with this probe, when it is applied in any position with a force not exceeding 0,5 N, the chain being fitted with the lamps with which it is delivered. Conform to IEC60598-2-20 clause 20.11.2. 

  • Test Rod for Interlock Concealment

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    Model :ZLT-P05A


    Diameter 3 mm,100mm long, is applied to any openings of the door interlock mechanism,according with IEC 60335-2-25 clause 22.105 and figure 101. The handle is made of nylon, the rod is hardened steel.

  • 3.0mm Preset Controls Probe

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    Model :ZLT-P05


    Diameter:3mm, 100mm long. Used to verify protection against access to hazardous parts by use of a tool through holes which give access to preset controls. Meets IEC, EN, UL and CSA Standards including IEC 61010,IEC60335-2-25 clause 22.105, EN61010-1, UL3101-1, UL3111-1 and CSA1010-1. The handle and stop face are made of nylon. The rod is hardened steel.