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impact test procedure

250 N impact test procedure Steady Force Test Tool, (250±10)N force and a circular plane surface 30 mm in diameter. Conform to IEC60950 clause 4.2.4 & IEC60065 clause 9.1.7.

  • Test Probe with Force

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    Gauge:3mm wide,1mm thick,80mm long, 20N force. Conform to IEC60884-1 Figure 9.Gauge for checking non accessibility of live parts, through shutters. The handle is made of nylon, tip is made of hardened steel.

  • Multiple Portable Socket outlets Mechanical Strength Test Device

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    The free end of the flexible cable is fixed to a wall at a height of 750 mm above the floor, the specimen is held so that the flexible cable is horizontal and then it is allowed to fall onto a concrete floor, eight times, the flexible cable being rotated through 45°at its fixing after each fall.

    After the test, the specimens shall show no damage within the meaning of this standard; in particular, no part shall have become detached or loosened.