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mains socket tester

To determine the stability of electric appliances which are used on a table or on the floor, in accordance with IEC60065 clause 19.1, IEC60335-1 clause 20.1, IEC60601-1 clause 24.1, IEC 60950 clause 4.1.1.Buy best mains socket tester at Zhilitong.

  • 75 and 20 Pounds Force

    75 and 20 Pounds ForceMore >

    In accordance with IEC60529 figure 6, IEC60335-1 clause 15.1.1, EN60950, IEC60598 figure 8

  • Abrasion Resistance Testing Machine

    Abrasion Resistance Testing MachineMore >

    The hammer consists basically of a striking element which falls freely from rest through a vertical height, selected from following table, on to the specimen surface held in a horizontal plane.

  • 5J Spring Impact Hammer Lab Tester

    5J Spring Impact Hammer Lab TesterMore >

    For checking the protection against ingress of water to prove the degrees of protection with the second characteristic numerals 1 to 6, in according to IEC60529 IPX1-6