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material impact test

Adjustable material impact test models: with five impact energies of 0,20 J± 0,02 J, 0,35 J±0,03 J, 0,50J±0,04J, 0,70 J±0,05 J and 1,0 J±0,05 J,accordance to IEC60068-2-75 Ehb

  • Shrouds Pressure Test Apparatus

    Shrouds Pressure Test ApparatusMore >

    Standard Outfit:
    1 trestle, mounted on a base plate, with adjustable holding device for the lower pressure part,
    1 ball-bearing lever, with adjustable counterweight, with mounting device for the upper pressure part,
    1 weight. 40N,
    1 set of pressure parts, spherical, radius 20 mm, with distance piece for lengthening.

  • Abnormal Heat of Insulating Sleeves of Plug Pins Test Apparatus

    Abnormal Heat of Insulating Sleeves of Plug Pins Test ApparatusMore >

    To determine testing resistance to abnormal heat of insulating sleeves of plug pins, in according to IEC 60884 1 figure 40,
    This test apparatus consists of an insulating plate A and of a metal part B: between these two parts an air space of 3 mm shall be provided and this distance shall be obtained through means which do not impair the air circulation around the pins.

  • Test Probe with Force

    Test Probe with ForceMore >

    Gauge: Ø1mm, 80mm long, 1N force . Conform to IEC60884-1 Figure 10, Gauge for checking non accessibility of live parts, through shutters, and of live parts of socket outlets with increased protection. The handle is made of nylon, tip is made of hardened steel.

  • Non Solid Pins Test Device

    Non Solid Pins Test DeviceMore >

    To determine the mechanical strength of non solid pins, accordance with IEC80884 1 figure14,VDE 0620 Bild 12,

    Standard Outfit:

    1 weight of 100N,

    1 steel rod with a diameter of 4.8 mm.