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Test circuit’s requirements for tracking test

 During index tracking test , since the current circuit power is insufficient , the voltage applied to electrodes would come down and determine  test results.

According to IEC60112 - 2009 standards , test electric source should be not less than 0.6KVA power , the adjustable voltage range between 100~600W, the frequency range of 48Hz~62Hz, and with suitable test circuit. 

As shown in Figure 4 of standard , before each trial, the operator should regulate  the adjustable resistor of circuit and set 1.0A (0.1A tolerant )short circuit current between two electrodes, and the same time  the voltage  should not be declined exceed 10%. In the testing  procedure , when the current reaches 0.5A and keeps 2.0 seconds , overload  device of circuit  should react . 

Zhilitong Electromechanical Co., Ltd manufactures Tracking Index Tester ZLT-LDQ1 meets with the testing circuit’s requirements of standards.


Tracking Index Tester