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Test Solution for Tracking Index Tester

During index tracking test , the consistency of test solution directly affect the test results, the more increasing of  the consistency of electrolyte, the more time of  conductive path maintained on specimen’s surface , and  offer more strict examination of the specimen’s performance , otherwise the requirements will be  loosen.  Under IEC60112 standard ,  two test solution are defined : the solution A and B, A consists with ammonium chloride solution and deionized water , with 3.95 euro resistivity at 23 degrees room temperature, , solution B consists with anhydrous ammonium chloride, nekal  and deionized water , the resistivity is 1.98 Oh at 23 degrees , and solution A is recommended to use as per standards . Due to volatility of ammonium chloride , it is need to determine solution resistivity by  conductivity meter before every testing .

The Tracking Index Tester ZLT-LDQ, manufactured by Zhilitong Electromechanical Co. Ltd, is accompanied with one bottle of 500grm ammonium chloride in purity of more than 98% before delivery , to ensure accuracy of test.


Tracking Index Tester