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The comparison between new and old standard for glow wire test apparatus(2)

In the IEC60695 -2 -10:2013 edition, the biggest change is the thermocouple and glow wire loop , referred to the wire diameter of thermocouple by 1mm instead of 0.5mm , which would make corresponding change to size of glow wire loop mounted in Glow Wire Test Apparatus as mentioned in our last article .

According to the old standard ,glow wire loop (also called U type ) is content of nickel chromium 80/20, now the new standard demands more than 77/20, besides , there are also some changes in size.

Every time when ZHILITONG Electromechanical Co.Ltd purchase glow wire loop which is equipped in Glow Wire Test Apparatus ZLT-GTR, will send it to authorized lab and determine that its contents is meeting with requirements of standards.