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The information of gas required by flammability test

The flammability test usually refer to needle flame test chamber, horizontal vertical flame test and glow wire test . And glow wire test is carried out by heating circuit, no need to be ignited by gas.

For needle flame test chamber, the methane with purity of not less than 98%. Is used.

For burning test of V - 0, V - 1 or V - 2, 5VA, 5VB class material, the gas is methane, over 98% purity.

For flammability test of HF - 1, 2 - HF or HBF class foam material, the gas is methane, with not less than 98% purity and 37+ 1MJ/m3 calorific value .

For single cable vertical flame test conform to IEC60332, propane and air mixed gas is applied.

For horizontal vertical flame test, should use methane not less than 98% purity.