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The Proof Tracking Index for Connecting Devices for low-voltage Circuits

According to IEC 60998 clause 19 , unless otherwise specified parts of insulating material retaining live parts in position shall be of material resistant to tracking index tester .
The test is performed according to IEC 60112.

A flat surface of the part to be tested at least 15 mm × 15 mm and at least 3 mm thick is placed in the horizontal position on the apparatus,

The material under test shall pass at a proof tracking index of 175 V using the test solution A with an interval between drops of 30 s ± 5 s.
The tracking index tester ZLT-LDQ1 manufactured by Zhilitong Electromechanical Co., Ltd not only meets with IEC 60112, but also IEC 60998 standard, a bottle of ammonium chloride 99.8% purity is provided , to compound test solution A 

Tracking Index Tester