Letters Patent of Flexible Cable Flexing Tester

Zhilitong has obtained the letters patent of Fleible Cable Fleing Tester.   Flexible Cable Flexing Test Apparatus,for checking the mechanical durability of flexible cords and cables by bending them back and forth, This test does not apply to flexible cables with cores of nominal cross-sectional area greater than 4㎜2,nor to cables having more than 18 cores […]

Letters Patent of Spring Hammer Calibration Device

Zhilitong has obtained the letters patent of Spring Hammer Calibration Device. Spring Impact Hammer Calibration Device,for testing and calibrating spring-operated impact hammer, in accordance with IEC60068-2-75/1997-08 Annex B, Figure B.1 to B.4 with scale for impact energies from 0,2J to 1,2J.   The ZLT Spring Impact Hammer Calibration Device,have been sodl to Guangdong Institute of Metrology,Guangzhou GRG […]

Letters Patent of Pendulum Impact Test Apparatus

Zhilitong has obtained Letters Patent of Pendulum Impact Test Apparatus.   ZLT Pendulum Impact-Test Apparatus for impact energies 5J up to 50J. To test the mechanical strength with impact energies of 2 J up to 50 J, striking element according to IEC60068-2-75 Tab. 1, Tab.2, and  Annex A,IEC62262 IK Impact,IEC 60335-2-24 clause 22.116

Zhilitong obtained SGS supplier qualification again

Zhilitong obtained SGS supplier qualification again,is the fourth consecutive year since 2018. Zhilitong is professional Safety Testing Equipment manufacturers,the ZLT products inclued Flame and other plastics testing equipment,IP Code testing equipment,Impact testing equipment, and other testing equipment,all of these testing equipment conform to IEC,UL,BS,VDE, CSA,IS,etc.

SE GYUNG HI TECH CO.,LTD ordered 3 pcs Needle Flame Tester

In 2020, SE GYUNG HI TECH CO.,LTD has ordered and installed 3 pcs Needle Flame Tester ZLT-ZY2 from us totally.Needle flame Tester,is used to assess the fire hazard of such component materials,accordance with IEC 60695-11-5,ZHILITONG Electromechanical Co.,Ltd,has been producing Needle Flame Tester for many years,and obtain CE certificate.

CE Certificate of IEC Test Probe Finger

We are professional IEC test probe finger manufacturers.have made of IEC test probe and UL Test finger probe, ZLT accessibility probes fingers,conform to IEC 61032,IEC standars,UL standards,BS standards and other standards,etc.

IEC 60695-2-10:2013 Glow Wire Test Apparatus Update to 2021

IEC 60695-2-10:2013 Fire hazard testing-Glowing/hot-wire based test mechods,update to IEC 60695-2-10:2021. The glow wire test apparatus,to determine the fire resistance by the fire hazard test, accordance with IEC60695-2-10, IEC60335, IEC60598 and other standards. The ignition source is imitated by an electrically heated wire loop against which the sample is pressed with a constant force. A miniature […]