Cord Anchorage Test Device according to IEC 60884-1 requirements

Jan 11, 2021

Based on IEC 60884-1 clause 23.2, The effectiveness of the retention of the cable by the cord anchorage is checked by the following test by means of Cord Anchorage Test Device.


The flexible cable is subjected for 1 min to a torque as specified intable 18, applying torque to the position as close as possible to the specimen.


Table 18 – Torque test values for cord anchorages

Rating of plug or portable socket outlet        Flexible Cable 

   2x 0.5  2x0.75  3x0.75  3x0.75 (2 or more) x 1  
       Up to and including 16A and                      250V   0.10Nm   0.15Nm   0.15Nm   0.25Nm   0.25Nm 
 16A and above 250V   -  -  -  -  0.35Nm 
 Above 16A   -  -  -  -  0.425Nm 

Zhilitong Electromechanical Co., Ltd manufactures Cord Anchorage Test Device ZLT-LJ3, which are sold and accepted by many laboratory.

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