Mechanical Strength Testing on Plug-ballast/transformers and mains socket-outlet-mounted luminaires

Jan 11, 2021

Corform to the IEC 60598 clause 4.13.6,plug-ballast/transformers and maina socket-outlet-mounted luminaires shall have adequte mechanical strength.

Compliance is checked by the tumbling barrel testing,the ballel is turned at a rate of five revolutions per minute,ten falls per minute thus taking place,the sample falls from a height of 500mm onto a steel plate 3 mm thick,the number of falls being:

--50 if the mass of the sample does not exceed 250 g;

--25 if the mass of the sample exceeds 250 g.

After the test, the sample shall show no damage within the sense of this standard,but it need not be operative and any damage to the glass bulb shall be ignored,provided that the protection against electric shock is not affected, small pieces whick may have broken off the sample are ignored.

The ZLT Tumbling Barrel Tester,Model ZLT-GT1, conform to the IEC 60598 figure 25.

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