Plug and Socket Normal Operation Test Machine

We are professional plug and socket normal operation test machine manufacturers,Plug and Socket Testing Unit of IEC60884 figure 16 Normal Operation Test.
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Plug and Socket Normal Operation Test Machine of IEC60884 Figure 16

Product details:Model ZLT-CS

To test plugs and socket-outlets, cable couplers and appliance couplers having rated currents up to 16 A, for household and similar purposes at room temperature-concerning their breaking capacity and their capability to withstand the stresses occurring in normal use, according to IEC 60884-1 figure 16 and clause 20.

Test requirement:

Socket-outlets are tested using a test plug with brass pins provided, if applicable, with insulating sleeves, an having the maximum specified dimensions,with a tolerance of 0-0.06 mm, and spaced at the nominal distance,with a tolerance of +0,050 mm. As far as the extremities of the sleeves are concerned, it is sufficient that their dimensions are within the tolerances given in the relevant standard sheet.For accessories with a rated voltage lower than or equal to 250 V and a rated current lower than or equal to 16 A, the length of the stroke of test apparatus is between 50 mm and 60 mm. The plug is inserted and withdrawn from the socket-outlet 50 times(100 strokes) at a rate of

--30 strockes per minute for accessories having a rated current up to and including 16A and a rated voltage up to and including 250 V;

--15 strokes per minute for other accessories.

Standard outfit:

 1 or 2 or 3 slide(s),with ball bearing guide, with spring loaded support for fastening the moving part for the specimens, with double acting the actuation speed, with safety sockets to connect the specimens to exteranl test voltages

1 or 2 or 3 holder(s), multiple of steel, with protective hood

1 plug-in unit with front panel for the operating devices

1 control device for each slide: programmable control unit with exchangable programme modules(containing the “test rhythm”) and for adjusting and indicating the test parameters”number of strokes”, “stroke time” and “time until the retracting stroke”(to control the time during of wich the test current is flowing), with start and stop push-buttons and with push-buttons for moving manually the cylinder pistons and as actuation indicator for the cylinders.Connection to AC220V50Hz,other voltages and frequencies on requst. 

        For one specimen,model ZLT-CS1

       For two speciment, model ZLT-CS2

       Fow three speciment,model ZLT-CS3

normal operation test

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