Test Funnel of IEC 60335-2-9 Testing Equipment

We are professional the Test Funnel manufacturers,Test Funnel,conform to IEC 60335-2-9 clause 15.2.
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Test Funnel of IEC 60335-2-9 

Product produc details :Model: ZLT-JL6      

To test moisture resistance for hotplates and cookers,conform to IEC60335-2-9 clause 15.2, for hotplates having ventilating openings in the heated surface, 0.2 L of the saline solution is poured steadily through the funnel onto the ventilating openings. 

Test Outfit                                                                                                 

Outlet diameter of funnel 8mm                                                        

 Funnel Height: 200mm above the heating surface, adjustable.                                    

Supporting Fixtures.


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