The aim of mechanical strength testing for household electrical appliance

Jan 11, 2021

According to IEC60335-1 standard, appliances shall have adequate mechanical strength and be constructed to withstand such rough handling that may be expected in normal use, aiming to protect user’s safety and maintain the function of appliance.

Compliance is checked by applying blows to the appliance in accordance with test Ehb of IEC 60068-2-75, the F22.50 Spring Hammer Impact Testing. After the test, the appliance shall show no damage that could impair compliance with this standard and compliance with 8.1, 15.1 and clause shall not be impaired as below:

1. Appliance shall be constructed and enclosed so that there is adequate protection against accidental contact with live parts

2. The enclosure of the appliance shall provide the degree of protection against water and moisture in accordance with the classification of the appliance


3. Appliance shall be constructed so that the clearance , creepage distances and solid insulation are adequate to withstand the electrical stresses to which the appliance is liable to be subjected

For accessible parts of solid insulation,it shall have sufficient strength to prevent penetration by sharp implements, compliance is checked by subjecting the insulation to scratching test set.


The F22.50 Spring Hammer Impact Testing ZLT-CJ3 and Covering Scratch Test Machine ZLT-GC1 made by Zhilitong Electromechanical Co., Ltd, meet with above requirements of IEC60335-1 standard.

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